Prizrak RFID DDI 2.4 tags 60.00 
Pioneer MVH-09UB 1 din Radio/Usb χωρίς CD με κόκκινο φωτισμό 59.00 



Ρελέ γρήγορης εγκατάστασης για κλείδωμα κινητήρα.
Ανθεκτικό σε θερμοκρασία και νερό.

Advantages of the Mini 10A relay

  • An electromechanical relay from one of the leading manufacturers, OMRON, is used as the main component of the product.
  • Consumption 65 mA (at 14.5 V and 22 ° C).
  • Specialized wires (PVAM) intended for use in a car.
  • A thermo-gasoline-resistant sealant is used. Waterproof class IP67 .
  • Increased reliability and tightness of the structure: the presence of a housing, the wires are soldered to a special board, and not to the relay contacts.
  • Blocking of power circuits with a current of up to 10 A at continuous loads.
  • Protective diodes against induction emissions.
  • The relay has miniature dimensions – 21.5x22x9.6 mm, which is one of the most important technical characteristics.

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