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Prizrak TEC-8GL Σύστημα ασφαλείας αυτοκινήτου GSM 599.00 
Prizrak TEC-270 GPS/GLONASS 99.00 


Κωδικός προϊόντος:ESM-250



The ESM-250 has been developed taking into account the best practices of world car manufacturers: for the first time in the anti-theft segment, the technology of integrating the mating part of the power connector with the case has been applied.

Advantages of ESM-250 autorun module

  • Power connector from AMP, specially designed for the automotive industry
  • Four TYCO power relays (made in the USA) allow you to connect to any ignition switch
  • The remote temperature sensor included in the kit can be used to measure the temperature of the passenger compartment or overboard, incl. for the engine heater, and also to be used in those rare cases when the data on the engine temperature is absent in the CAN bus
  • Support for Start / Stop locks
  • Exit to activate the “crawler”
  • Does not require programming.

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